Studio Christophers offers custom, luxury interiors with a Southern California sensibility, where indoor & outdoor living, green design and technology harmonize to create comfortable, elegant and healthy homes.

As founder and principal, Aurora Christophers brings more than 25 years of experience to client collaborations, meticulous high-end construction and classic, yet contemporary, design. With a Fine Arts degree, a Culinary degree, and LEED BD&C (Building Design and Construction) Certification, no detail is overlooked.


We value thoughtful, quality design. We believe homes should nourish and replenish their inhabitants. We focus on the many details to create a home which serves as the backdrop for a vibrant, comfortable life. We integrate client preferences into a coherent seamless interior that reflects the principles of modern architecture and design, along with comfort. The results are elegant, comfortable, and current.

We create modern, highly efficient, healthy residences, staying current on best practices and materials. We value the principles of sustainable and healthy design , and have credentials in LEED AP- BD&C. 


Our collaborative design process weaves together your unique desires with our thorough knowledge of design and construction to create a home that provides sanctuary and style. Our full- service practice handles all aspects of custom home design, allowing our clients to enjoy the process. We partner with clients to identify design priorities they are excited about. We use these as guide posts throughout design and construction



Aurora is a native Californian, who’s roots greatly influence her designs. She values visual harmony, spatial symmetry & balance, and the combination of these elements with a feeling of casual comfortable SoCal design.

“Aurora’s talent for mixing materials, finishes, color and light is sublime. I feel a sense of joy from the ease and beauty in the spaces she designs. She’s the woman I want to be when I grow up: knowledgeable about her craft, gracious and future-focused.”

           – Dana Springs Executive Director, City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture



For business inquiries:

[email protected]

San Diego, California